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Zombie Sloth {1}
Zombie Sloth {2}
Zombie Sloth {3}
Zombie Sloth {4}
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Zombie Sloth {1}
Zombie Sloth {2}
Zombie Sloth {3}
Zombie Sloth {4}
Zombie Sloth {5}
Zombie Sloth {6}
Zombie Sloth {7}

Zombie Sloth

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Zombie Sloth

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The Sock Zombie story:
All over the world socks are lost and cast astray by their owners without even
knowing it. These particular socks grow bored and disillusioned. When they
realize that the human has given up looking for them, the solo socks become
envious of socks with pairs.

These socks eventually band together, and by a force greater than our own,
they metamorphisize into Sock Zombies!
Their objective is clear: They want to eat other socks to make the humans lose
their pairs!

Zombie socks enjoy to eat the stuffing of other plush, but if you keep a pair
of socks near your sock zombie, he will happily snack on the sock instead.

The Real Deal:

This zombie measures around 12 inches long and almost 4 wide. He has hand
painted eyeballs and some exposed brains! His nails were moulded with Sculpey
and one nail on each limb has a hook so he can hang!

This is a 100% hand sewn (no machine!), stuffed sock creation. As such they
will include irregularities (which, only adds to their appearance!).
Sock Plush are not suitable for infants (unless indicated) as they include
small parts that could be considered a choking hazard.
They’re machine washable on gentle cycle (preferably place into a pillow case
to keep safe). They can be air dried or put in the drier on low heat or fluff.
They may collect a bit of fuzz in the process, so you may have to give him/her
a bit of a shave!
Hand made in pet loving home, but washed and segregated once complete!

The Business:
Ships from Canada: Shipping prices are approximate and are based on regular
mail which does not include tracking. Every so often a package can get stuck in
customs and your item might be delayed.

For packaging I try to reuse boxes that I have in my home. In return, this
keeps the shipping cost down for both of us.

The buyer is responsible for any additional fees that may be charged at
customs. This has not happened thus far, but it’s safer to tell you!
Brand: SnagglefootCreations
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