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Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {1}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {2}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {3}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {4}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {1}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {2}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {3}
Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable! {4}

Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable!

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Pride Pal Monster Plush - Customizable!

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Summon your own Emotional Support Monster in THREE easy steps!:

1. Pick a body, using the grid of styles as a guide
2. Pick a PRIDE Heart pillow from the second drop-down option.
3. Wait for your brand new emotional support monster baby to arrive in the

** BUT WHY THO? **

Because the thing is, PRIDE *isn't* always easy. It is bright happy rainbows
but it's also tough, exhausting emotional work. That's why these Pride Pals
exist: Because NO ONE should have to go it alone.

Going off to college and nervous about being apart from your support network?
Send along a Pride Pal to make it known: not one of us is ever truly alone.
Have a friend who's been there for you, supporting you through your journey of
self-discovery? Why not gift them a Pal with our Ally pillow!

Now you can create a Pride Pal that's ALL your own! It's really easy to design
a friendly monster for yourself, your partner, best friend, datemate, squish,
metamour, or friend.

** About PRIDE PALS **

Pride Pal Plush are 10" tall. Their bodies are 7" wide. Every Pride Pal has
vinyl fangs and little wings, and 24mm black plastic safety eyes. They're ready
for you to give them a big hug...or they can bite the stuffing out of anyone
who doesn't respect your Pride! They hug your Pride Flag of choice between
their little paws, in celebration and in solidarity. Whether in happiness or
sadness, these Pals are there for you. They "get it," and they'll always return
your hugs with enthusiasm.

** About HEARTS **

While pictured Pals above have their hearts pinned in place for examples, your
unique pal will have their little pillow sewn securely to their paws.

If you'd like your Pal made with a flag I don't have listed, please Convo us
and let us know which flag you would like! Send us a picture of your flag and
we'll take it from there.

Due to its design ALLY won't be heart shaped, but your little Pal can still
give you just as much love with their oval pillows!

** About STEALTH **

We also offer a special STEALTH heart, the design of which will never be shown
on the internet, for safety. STEALTH is for those that are currently not yet
ready to be out, whether for safety or any other reason. YOU know what it
means, and WE know what it means. STEALTH is a silent, private voice of support
and love: *You can do this.* You're NEVER truly alone. And there's big open
spaces and experiences waiting for you to shine in -- just hang on, and make it

If you buy or are gifted a STEALTH heart, and you later find yourself ready to
show your colors, just contact us online or at-con and we’ll exchange your
stealth heart for your flag of choice with no extra cost to you: a
congratulations. You worked hard, and we're proud of you.

**About FABRICS **

** Do you have sensory issues that make touching certain kinds of fabrics
tricky? **
Just send us a convo inquiring about any of the displayed fabrics and we'll
tell you exactly what it feels like. Some are basic cotton, some are flannel,
some are brocade, some are even corduroy! We want everyone to be 110% happy
with their pal of choice. Hearts are made from ultra-soft minky on the front,
and basic white nonwoven polyester on the back.

**About BODY COLORS **

Each style choice is LIMITED in quantity. Usually no more than four are made
from any given fabric, and some even less! When they're gone, they're gone! If
you're in love with a particular body fabric for your Pal, please don't delay -
we CANNOT reacquire these fabrics once they're used up!

ALSO: Each style is an example of the fabric of choice. Your Pal may vary
slightly from the pictured flat depending on where it's cut from the yardage:
stripes may go a different direction; the pattern may be positioned
differently. Please keep that in mind when making your selection!
Brand: NightengaleNeedles
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