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PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {1}
PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {2}
PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {3}
PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {1}
PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {2}
PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal {3}

PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal

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PHYSICAL NFT - mass of squishy metal

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The video is of one that would be in the higher listing. (500)
Sorry if I was misleading, I just caught that

The picture with 5 blobs and stacked disks and cubes, those are the magnets
that come out of the mix you would receive (unless you specify you’d rather
have one of the ones on this table)

Ok I just realized the pricing is not what I was thinking, I would be breaking

Ok maybe that’s ok since it’s 1/1. Yeah let’s do that -Jonathan

Anyway those are made by pulling out the “sticks” (that form when the
disks/cylinders are able to squeeze their way out, oh I just realized I need to
try some ratios

The way I made this was to start with a set of magnetic stix and balls from a
tag sale

Will add

Not checking the below for accuracy right now but just showing you I mean


Just to be clear, you need to buy 1000000 of these to get the house. But one
will get you a nice slice of it you can make things with or roll around or
collect others and add to it. This is my first 1/1 so the price is very very
low but I will try to keep it there
You can also get digital versions, negotiable as well. I’ll mint it however
you like. For now, I’m considering these to be NFTs themselves. The particular
set of balls and magnets are the token but what you own is a nonfungible
relationship with the artist that’s tailored uniquely to you.

send a magnet ball, just be available for advice, I’ll even come to your house
and set up your yard with no invasive weeds and piles of leaves and sticks
where we can agree will make sense for nature (if this means one of the cats
moves in with you, so be it)
1) buy every kind of magnet, as many as possible so in proportion to smallness
2)add in ball bearings of all sizes possible and ability to vary the amount
3)filter out any magnet too strong and large, and then use those separately
(*see video)
What you get is a mass of squishy metal but it will not be usable in exchange
for the artifacts or rocks only that turn up as the team excavates. If you buy
the item here, it will put you on that team.
Brand: MagnetsNchromeballs
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